About Megan Matthews

Megan is a psychotherapist in private practice in Iowa City, Iowa.  In what feels like another life, she also raised a human from infancy to adulthood where she spent the early years cutting swords and shields from discarded cardboard boxes for a good Princess Bride style duel.  She also worked in the schools as both a teacher and a school social worker.

In her free time, Megan enjoys one-on-one time with friends, small talk with strangers, solitude anywhere the sun shines and the music isn’t too loud, creating and appreciating art, and authorship. She has also been known to spend an evening or two engaged in one-person dance parties.

Currently Megan shares her heart and home with her family, including two dogs and a cat, and an abundance of journals and houseplants.  When not translating charcoal portraits into words, Megan finds peace in the quietness of a sunny day, the laughter of friendship, and the love of a good pen on the right type of paper.