accessing your inner goddess and intuitive wisdom

Faces of the

Divine Feminine



The Faces of the Divine Feminine Oracle is like having a circle of wise women at your fingertips. Each card represents an aspect of the divine feminine— qualities we all contain, emotions we all experience.

The stories told are not a replication of your own life, but, just as a drop of rain falling into the ocean blends with the whole, we hope you will find a homecoming as the story of each card intersects with the layered aspects of your own experiences.

The Faces of the Divine Feminine Oracle has issued an open invitation to growth.  The doorway is through the cards.  The path you walk is up to you. 

Our wish for you is to gain access to your own true self, your intuitive wisdom, your inner goddess. May you learn what it is you came to learn, grow in the ways your spirit is calling you to grow, and rejoice in all that you have become. 


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